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World Usability Day (9th of November)

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Also known as ‘Make Things Easier Day,’ the World Usability Day is observed every year on the second Thursday in the month of November. Thus, this year in 2017, it will be observed on the 9th of November. The day was established in the year 2005 by the User Experience Professionals Association, formerly known as the Usability Professionals Association. The prime objective behind observing this day is to promote usability as well as usability engineering alongside universal usability, user-centred design, and finally, the responsibility of every user to seek and ask for things that really work better.

Every year, a new and unique theme is taken to observe this day, and the theme for this year is ‘’Inclusion.’’ It will be the 15th annual World Usability Day this year and it is being hosted by the Usability/Accessibility Research and Consulting (UARC) of the Michigan State University. Individuals, organizations and groups all over the world are encouraged to conduct events to commemorate the World Usability Day every year, given them also the option and liberty to stick around to the particular theme of that year.

Technology is power as on today, growing beyond boundaries, be it in terms of lifestyle, infrastructure, education, or entertainment among other areas. This is precisely why each and every one must be enabled to use technology as easily as possible. Technology should be eased keeping in mind that it is designed to serve people first before anything else. These are few of the points that the World Usability Day focuses on and strives to achieve. The bottom line is, World Usability Day emphasizes on the aspect that people from all around the globe, in the form of communities, organizations, or simply individuals get to come together with the help of technology as they all learn how to use it easily in the right way, and thus, technology’s usage meets its full potential.

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