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World Blood Donor Day (14th June)

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World Blood Donor Day is celebrated every year on the 14th of June. It began as an initiative taken jointly by globally prominent organizations, out of which the primary one is International Society of Blood Transfusion in collaboration with the World Health Organization. The day is observed with the objective to promote and make people more aware of the importance of donating blood and why each and every individual should come forward to donate blood and save lives. The day also focuses on making people aware about the ‘’healthy’’ way of donating blood, without any contaminations. Donating blood is like gifting life to someone who is in dire need of blood, and the World Blood Donor Day aims at acknowledging the lovely gesture of these people too, who willingly come forward to help others in need by donating blood.

Every year there is a new theme observed for the World Blood Donor Day and this year in 2017, the theme is ‘’What can you do?’’ and the secondary tagline for the same is: Give blood. Give now. Give Often. Everyone must know that it is important to keep stocks of blood ready and that can happen only through regular blood donation, because an emergency can arise at any given time and blood would be essential to save people’s lives.

The World Blood Donor Day also salutes all those blood donors who are unpaid and donate blood voluntarily. Many educational programs are conducted during this day to make people more aware on how a blood transfusion can take place without compromising on health of anyone, and also, real stories of people in desperate need of blood are also shared, since at times, blood is a vital requisite when a person is in a life and death situation and it is only blood that can help his or her heart beat going.

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