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World against child labor day (12th June)

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Millions of children all across the globe are put through child labor and they suffer at an age where they should be playing, studying, and enjoying the innocence of life. Yet, they suffer either due to poverty or some other conditions. Hence, every year on the 12th of June, World against Child Labor Day is observed to increase awareness of the masses about the plight that these children face all across the globe and how we as a society can contribute to let them lead better lives, with shelter, food, as well as education. It is a day that is observed globally and is not a public holiday. The issue of child labor primarily is a problem that is mostly seen in developing countries, however, in many nations that are developed ones as well as industrialized, some children are forced to work, to earn a livelihood for themselves or their families.

According to the studies conducted by the UNICEF, in most developing countries, kids are appointed for labor work just in order to save production costs, whereas in developed nations like the United States of America, there are kids who are put to work in the agricultural sector, and majority of these hail from either immigrant families or the ethnic minority families.

According to the studies of 2011, the reports stated there were around 215 million child laborers all across the globe, out of which approximately 115 million kids were put to labor that involved dangerous, hazardous work.

With such startling facts that continue to be bothersome, it was in the year 2002 that the International Labor Organization had proposed the day of World against child labor to be observed as an important day to throw light on the daily suffering and helplessness that these kids go through as people force them into labor.

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