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Which type of sandals suits with your dress?

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In this stylish and fast moving world, everyone wants to look smart and stylish by wearing different design outfits along with suitable foot wears. Now let us discuss which type of foot wear are suits on your dresses:

Well, there are several types of footwear’s and dresses come in the market. The best and most important part to look good is that; make an appropriate combination of dresses with an appropriate sandal.

Sandals: – These sandals are known as open type of outdoor footwear. There are various types of sandals available such as

  • Caligae sandals were the military roman sandals that were commonly used and wear by both the civilians and military people.
  • Flip-flop sandals are commonly used in spring and summer season. These sandals are very stylish, comfortable and can be wearing by all dresses such as Jeans, skirts. Kurtis, salwar suits etc. These types of sandals are mostly in demand among youths or college going persons.
  • High-healed sandals are the new footwear collections are comes in great looks and varieties. These types of sandals basically suits with sarees, churidar pajami suits, business suits and others etc. These sandals are slightly uncomfortable while walking and needs great attention and practice to walk and are generally preferred by models etc.

Shoes: It’s a type of footwear which is first evolved for the protection of an individual foot and later became a fashion. Shoes have traditionally been made from wood, canvas or leather but are increasingly made from plastics, rubber and other petrochemical-derived materials. These shoes are broadly classified into different categories such as formal shoes, athletic shoes, casual shoes, orthopedic shoes and dancing shoes.

  • Men’s shoes are: – Blüchers, Balmorals, Slip-ons, Monk-straps, Brogues.
  • Women shoes:-The most popular and famous women shoes are Neutral Low Heel Pump, Classic Black Pump, Tall Boot, Ankle Boot, Open Toe Dress Heel, Athletic Shoe, Evening Shoe, Flat or Skimmer, and Favorite Shoe etc.
  • And generally used with formal dresses such as business suits, formal trousers etc.

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