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Vasant Panchami Festival in India

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By Smitakshi Guha

A popular Indian festival, Vasant Panchami marks the welcoming of beautiful spring season, after bidding the winters a goodbye. The festival follows the worshipping of Goddess Saraswati—known as the goddess of wisdom and knowledge and is celebrated in full spirits, especially with people wearing bright color yellow, which denotes joy, positivity and also the beauty of nature and the sweetness of life.

Spring marks the yielding of beautiful yellow crops in the fields and during the festival, people not just get decked in yellow color but also offer yellow flowers to the goddesses during the festival, and enjoy savoring dishes, such as kesar halwa—which is a famous Indian sweet dish, containing cashews, nuts, sugar as well as flour.

People pursuing their education keep their notebooks, pens and pencils in the feet of Goddess Saraswati, in order to be blessed by the beautiful deity with profound knowledge and wisdom.

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