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Vaishali – Buddhist Pilgrimage

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Located in the Indian state of Bihar, Vaishali is a remote village and happens to be one of the most popular Buddhist pilgrimage places in the country. Vaishali, when translated into English, means prosperity. The place is renowned for its rich heritage and also has immense significance among Jains, as this is the same place where the founder of Janism, Lord Mahavir was born.

In Buddhist culture, it is said that it was Vaishali, where Lord Buddha had first mentioned and declared his immense proximity with Nirvana, and after attaining his enlightenment in life, Buddha had returned to Vaishali to practice his preaching, which had then resulted in a large number of followers from all over the country who wanted to follow Buddha and his beliefs. As on today, Vaishali attracts masses from across the globe, including historians as well as archeologists who take keen interest in learning more about the culture and its roots.

Another important aspect that makes Vaishali significant in the list of pilgrimage places in the country is that one eighth of Lord Buddha’s ashes have been sacredly preserved in this place in a casket. Other important tourist points in Vaishali include two Buddhist stupas, the Ashokan Pillar—commonly known as the Lion Pillar, constructed by popular Emperor Ashoka, the coronation tank, as well as the Shanti Stupa.

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