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Vaastu Shastra: An art of happy living

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Vaastu Shastra is all about creating or placing a congenial setting of things or items at a place of live or work in a most scientific way by getting the benefits of an enlightened environment. In other words, Vastu shastra is an ancient and traditional science of Hindu norms that an architecture or astrologer suggests placing thing in coordination with the physical and metaphysical forces etc. Following some Vaastu tips at a place of live or work have turned out to be greatly beneficial in the form of health, wealth, happiness and prosperity.

Conceptually, it is just like an ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui that advocates the harmonization of the flow of energy or positive raise in the atmosphere. It basically works with the principals of geological, botanical, geometrical and above all celestial in nature.

When we follow Vaastu shastra tips:

Vaastu shastra needs to be implemented at the very early stage when we are deciding to purchase a plot for constructing our office or house. After we have bought the plot of land or constructed the house, it will be extremely difficult on our part to rearrange or take down things in a sequence as per Vaastu principals. Therefore, for that we must have to take a guidance of Vaastu specialist and place the things or construct the building according to them and get the best environment according to it. There various online Vaastu information is available that assist you an accurate Vaastu information including all five principals and elements etc.

Some of the other Vaastu tips that we can easily implement in our daily life such as we are not to hoard withered flowers, waste paper, stale food, or any other waste materials, useless things, torn clothes, empty tins and jars. All these waste and stale things are believed to prevent Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth from entering the house. Take care that your office and house has enough of air and sunlight coming in.

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