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Utthanpadaasana: Steps and Benefits

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This is a yoga position where we the legs are raised a little above the ground and is stretched in the front. This one of most vital yoga positions that can add a whole array of benefits to the body and the practitioner that will improve their systems and also their nervous systems.


The main aim here is to see that the leg is stretched as much as possible in the front so that the muscles of the leg are stretched in an intense manner. In the advanced stages, we see that the practitioner is advised to raise the leg a little over the ground. This is a yoga that creates pressure on the thing muscles and also the hip muscle.


The benefits of this yoga position can be quite numerous. The very first thing is that the muscles of the leg and that of the thighs are really stretched and stressed so that the leg’s position could be maintained just a little over the ground, The height to which the leg must be raised has to be small, as this is the way maintain the position becomes all the more difficult and strenuous. This is how the muscles and the fat of the thighs and the hips can be attended to in a proper manner.

Often the yoga is done for both the legs at the same time. Often it is practiced for each leg at a time. The leg must be held in the air for a certain time. So that you can get the best-desired effect you must be able to maintain a proper and a rhythmic breathing pattern. This can increase the gain many times.

Please be sure not to raise your legs very high. Also be sure that you do not bend your leg at the time of doing the yoga. It is imperative that you do maintain a proper position of the knees and that they are stretched in a perfect manner. The more intense is your stretch the better will be the results.

As a precaution, all of you must be relaxed at the time of doing the yoga. In case there is a pain or cramp in your legs then you must let go of the position immediately. Please do not over do the position. Do not try to hold your leg beyond comfort. This will help you to go on for a longer tenure.

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