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Types of marriages in India

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By: Smitakshi Guha

Indian marriages are known for the vivid and grand way they are conducted, the familial aspects involved and also the long list of days of having one ritual over another.

In this regard, there are various types of marriages in the country, each with a different set of style, rituals and way of conducting.

–          Hindu weddings

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The most popular type of wedding in India, the Hindu weddings are conducted on a grand scale and majority of the country’s population follows this style of wedding. It involves a list of customs and rituals that are followed, starting from pre marriage to post marriage days. From henna in the hands to heavy lehengas and a ton of jewellery, all these are a part of the wedding style.

The striking aspects of this style of wedding lies in the ritual of taking seven rounds around a fire, and the trademarks of a Hindu bride is vermilion on her forehead and mangalsutra in her neck.


–          Muslim weddings

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Celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm, the Muslim weddings too have many of the pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding rituals. The main day of wedding is called the Nikaah, and the bride and groom exchange their wedding vows in front of a priest, who then reads some important verses from the holy book of the Muslims: Quran. The groom then sends an official proposal to the bride, and the wedding is complete once the bride gives an affirmative response to the groom’s proposal.

 –          Sikh weddings

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Celebrated on a grand scale, the Sikh weddings are much alike to the Hindu weddings, except for a few differences, which include following a Sikh code of conduct during the wedding. This code is called the Reht Maryada, according to which as long as both the bride and the groom pursue Sikh faith, they are bound by wedlock and that no system of dowry or any other superstitious beliefs or demands shall be entertained in the marriage.

Apart from these, India also has other types of weddings, thanks to its diverse culture and traditions, which house faith, religion and beliefs from all over the world. Hence, some other types of marriages in India are Jain weddings, Parsi weddings and also Christian and Jewish weddings.

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