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The Middle Button Island National Park

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Middle Button Island National Park is found in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, and is a national park of India, with an aggregate territory scope of around 64 sq kms by this parkland.

Spotted deer is one of the noticeable creatures found in this park. Long Island is the closest town to this national park, which is arranged towards the southern side of Port Blair. The Middle Button National Park is about 60 kms from the city of Port Blair. National park of Middle Button Island can be gone by the travellers by procuring a boat, albeit private water crafts for visiting the park can be organized.

Set up in 1979, the recreation centre has a spread of 64 sq km in the area of Andaman. From the closest town of Long Island, this park is at around 60 kms, which at 200 kms is situated in the air terminal in the city of Port Blair, which is likewise the capital city. Deciduous backwoods is found in a large portion of the island while the animal fauna involves spotted deer, marine creatures and reptile. Going by the national park is best amid the time of December till April.

Mellow summers with temperatures of summer greatest 30 degrees C; 810 degrees F and winter has least 150 degrees C; 58 degrees F are knowledgeable about the national park.

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