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The 3 most popular engineering disciplines

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Among all the higher education options available in India, engineering has always captured the attention of any student who comes out of with a science degree. This is one of the biggest reasons for the popularity of top engineering institutes in India.

However, engineering has many streams and specializations that can help you to get a clear idea into your career.

The 3 most sought after streams of engineering

Among the many specializations available in engineering, there are 3 main that have always been very popular among different technical students.

  • Automotive engineering

When you study automotive engineering, you basically learn different aspects of vehicle dynamics and management. An automotive engineer needs to look into every detail of the vehicle from fuel efficiency to minimizing carbon emissions. They also take care of optimizing noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) that is an integral part of an automobile. You will need to know the different concepts of vehicle electronics as most modern day automobiles use various types of electronic systems.

  • Mechanical engineering

This discipline actually pertains to different aspects or principles of science and engineering in analysis, design and manufacturing of various types of mechanical systems. You will be required to gain knowledge into different concepts of mechanics, thermodynamics, structural analysis, materials science, electricity and kinematics. Students who study mechanical engineering will need to handle every thing from weapons to watercrafts.

  • Bachelor of Information Technology (Btech) and Master of Information Technology (Mtech)

Although this degree focuses on different principle of computers and technology, however, is very different from computer science. This engineering course basically introduces to different technologies that are used for optimization of production and mechanics. Sometimes students also pursue the Mtech course from the top ranked university in India in order to hone their skills of engineering.

The above mentioned streams of engineering are known in the industry for their comprehensive study and research material. Apart from this, these specializations also offer some of the best career related options.

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