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Sundarbans National Park in West Bengal

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This Sundarbans National Park is additionally prominent as tiger reserve, biosphere reserve and national park and it is arranged at West Bengal Indian state. This is one of the districts that are secured through mangrove woodlands and it is known as biggest stores of Bengal tiger.

Truth be told, this is one of the best places where you would get the opportunity to see various invertebrate species, reptiles and winged creatures too. It was in year 1973 that this Sundarbans National Park was prominent as tiger reserve and natural life asylum also.

It was in year 1984, fourth May, on which this place was, announced a National park. Indian Sunderbans are situated at where sea and land would be meeting on west Bengal southern tip and you would get the opportunity to view mangrove woods too.

This is one of the heritage world destinations of UNESCO and it is unfathomably developing in zones pretty nearly 4265 sq km. positively, this is one of the greatest national park and tiger reserve situated in India. This spot is thought to be paradise for every one of the individuals who need winged animal viewing and the rundown is perpetual. It incorporates mangrove pitta, mangrove whistler and masked finfoot.

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