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Sravasti – Popular & Prominent Pilgrim Spot

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One of India’s ancient cities, Sravasti happens to be a popular and prominent pilgrim spot in the Buddhist culture due to a number of reasons. The most important aspect of the place is that it is believed that Gautam Buddha—referred to as Lord Buddha, had faced and astonished a large number of his critics in this very place, surprising them by a list of things, wherein he sat on a thousand-petalled lotus and people were awestruck when two of the five elements of life, water and fire emanated from his body, proving his powers and reach beyond human perimeters.

The place has over the years erected itself as one of the most significant religious places, with a plethora of stories related to the supremacy of Lord Buddha, one of which even include a visit of a woman with a dead son and have him resurrected back to life with the power of the lord. The instances and beliefs of the local people as well as the large number of devotees have made the lord a legend, and people have since then always made it a point to visit Sravasti to offer their tributes to the lord.

The main tourist spots here include the Jetavana, the Ananda Bodhi Tree, the Devi Patan Temple, as well as the Shobhanath Temple.

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