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Social Media Abuzz With Channel’s Favouritism For DiVek

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Most popular celebrity-couple dance reality show Nach Baliye is currently airing its 8th season Star Plus and is closer to its grand finale with its top 4 couples, Divyanka-Vivek, Sanaya-Mohit, Abigail-Sanam, and Dipika-Shoaib. The show has always been trapped in controversies and the latest to join the bandwagon is a huge surge on social media states where viewers are slamming the channel for favouring Divyanka Tripathi and husband Vivek Dahiya, popularly known as DiVek, since Divyanka is the lead actress of their long running hit show ‘Ye hai Mohabbatein.

According to tweets of fans on social media, right from the beginning of the show, Divyanka was given extra screen space by the channel despite her performances with hubby being quite mediocre compared to the calibre of other contestants. Highlighting the same, furious fans of other couples and viewers of the show stated on social media that the channel is being too obvious in their favoritism for Divyanka as she is the only one, whose in-laws, fans, onscreen husband Karan Patel, onscreen daughter Ruhanika Dhawan have all visited the sets, when that kind of footage and privilege was not given to any other couple every week.

Additionally, fans also expressed their disappointment over the fact that in all previous seasons of the show, international voting was allowed, unlike this season, where only Indian viewers can vote in order to save their favorite couple. This led to a wide debate that since other popular jodis on the show like Mohit Sehgal-Sanaya Irani have the highest international following, the channel played its cards by keeping the voting limited to only Indian audience.

In fact, in the last few episodes, judges’ comments for other contestants like Sanam-Abigail, Shoaib-Dipika and Mohit-Sanaya were edited out, while only the comments for Divyanka-Vivek were shown in full. This furthered the fans’ frustration and they began to complain about the bias shown by the channel on social media.

There was also an uproar on Twitter which talked about how the anchors of the show were made to announce Divek as the highest voted couple on a particular episode, when they had scored the lowest marks, whereas in other episodes, no such announcement was made over who got the highest votes among the lot.

According to a source from the studio audience who averred on the affirmation of anonymity, “During Divek’s upcoming performance, Vivek’s wig had fallen off during the performance and the channel readily allowed them a retake and they performed again, when this is clearly not in sync with the rules. You forget or mess up, you mess up. It is a final stage performance not a rehearsal that you are given another chance.”

If that was not all, then recent tweets from Divyanka Tripathi talking about her fanpages being taken down has created another tiff dividing fans, because apparently her husband Vivek Dahiya has been liking posts on Instagram which take a dig at the judges and other popular jodi Mohit-Sanaya, leading to DT’s fans blaming Monaya fans for their deleted fanpages. But this is only an assumption because by all means, Instagram doesn’t take pages down unless they violate the rules of the company.

Nach Balliya

Nach Baliye

Fans are constantly buzzing social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with hashtags that’s asking the channel to be fair and also raising questions against its voting system, since the highest scoring jodis are surprisingly showcased in bottom two, whereas the lowest scoring jodis are being safe. The best example of this would be the recent elimination of couple Brent-Aashka who made a perfect score of 40 out of 40, yet bid adieu to the show last week. Well, we don’t know the real truth that lies behind the screen, but some of the tweets from regular viewers and fans of the show can surely tell you about their disappointment with the channel as well as their take on the show—

Nach Baliye

Nach Baliye 8

Nach Baliye 8

Nach Baliye 8

Nach Baliye 8

Nach Baliye 8

  1. Charmee says

    Thank you for this article and putting insight on the things that are really happening. Mohit & Sanaya has this far on Nach Baliye 8 by only and only their dance & hardwork. Our votes are already being manipulated. Monaya are the non dancer jodi and as per the concept of the show, it’s about journey non dancer couple to dancer couple and Monaya are best example of it. Still we fear the deserving one won’t win.

  2. M says

    LOL… Monaya are doing all the cheap work, channel is favoring them and here Mohit’s friends writing articles against divek. So much insecurity for this cheap couple

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