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Shoe type that adorn your style wardrobe

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Diamonds are regarded as a woman’s best friend. However, in the recent times footwear has actually become her best buddy. However, shoes are no longer only worn for comfort or covering your feet but it is being regarded as an fashion accessory.

The concept of designer shoes has become the recent craze among many women. However, there are certain pair of shoes that you should always have with your closet for that stylish look.

  • Platform or Espadrilles wedges:

Wearing proper shoes in the summer months is one of the biggest nightmare for any woman. Therefore, it is better to go in for platform wedges that will make your feet breathe. When you are searching for comfortable womens shoes, wedges are sometimes better as they make you look taller. Adding a little style into wedges is the espadrilles type of footwear. The strings and elegant look of espadrilles provides flair in your look. You can easily pair your wedges with crisp shorts and boho peasant dress.

  • High heeled boots:

Winters are coming and you will need to take out your high heeled boots to avoid frost bites along with looking stylish. High heeled booties are must for every woman’s wardrobe.  High heeled boots are specially good for people who do not have height as their advantage. Not only will booties add height to your look but will also ensure that your legs look slender and long. You can easily wear your boots with jeans, tights and skirts. One of the best looks that you can sport in the  winter months is a pair of tights with high heeled boots and overcoat; stylish yet not too over the top.

  • Metallic heels:

If you are going to a party then looking elegant and chic are the key points. A chic evening dress, knee or floor length should be paired with metallic heels. This type of footwear is known for its no nonsense look and slender straps. Almost similar to ankle length sandals, these shoes can also be worn with a slit skirt to create a perfect office look. The colors of these shoes are quite subtle, therefore, you can easily wear them with different colored outfits anytime of the day.

  • Ballet flats:

Comfortable and chic, ballet flats came into origination when Coco Chanel introduced it before early 1950s. Be it quilted or sequined, ballet flats can never go out of fashion. You can basically wear these shoes with anything other than a formal skirt or dress. This is best for sporting the jeans and t-shirt look. Now a days, there are companies who only specialize in making only ballet flats. This type of footwear is best for that sweet and casual look.

  • Sports shoes or sneakers:

When you are looking for women’s sports shoes the first thing that you will need to take care of is comfort. After you have made sure that the shoes that you bought are comfortable then check for style and design. You can easily pair these shoes with a casual looking trousers to create a relaxed look.

You need not have a huge collection of shoes like Imelda Marcos. However keeping some basic pairs that can be worn with multiple outfits is the best option.

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