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Shared Server vs Dedicated Server

As a server-side software developer, I find it very difficult to choose between shared server vs dedicated server. Because that’s what my company uses as well. So, this blog will discuss in detail about what the pros & cons of each type of server software are. Let’s begin with an easy one (shared vs Dedicated ).

What is Shared Hosting?

Shared Hosting- It is one service where users share same physical resources to their visitors but their own servers. This is the most commonly used form of hosted file storage for websites because it offers more flexibility to do various things such as update your website, upgrade your domain and more.

The only downside to using Shared hosting is that your site might get blocked by others when they try to access your code. But, if you have good security, there isn’t much to complain about. In contrast to that, Dedicated servers are much more expensive than Shared one so you need to start from scratch and that too will cost you more (also yes you can also pay a higher price for premium services).

Also, you want to know how many VPS hosting plans does my company offer which is 1000 VPS / Unlimited Bandwidth or 10GB RAM(My case). So, let us talk about what Dedicated Servers can do as compared to Shared hosting.

What can you do with dedicated hosting?

You can run unlimited databases, code editors and other features like Git/GitHub/etc. And, you can even install specific libraries for web development like Flask etc. Moreover, there are lot of tools available to make your life easier. You can add up to 20000 files on your server. For example, MySQL and PostgreSQL can be installed easily on your server

What advantages of running a server with Dedicated hosting?

Easy backup: When you need any backups, it’s very simple to just click on “Backup Now”, it has almost done it. Dedicated servers provide automatic backups. If someone wanted to run another copy of your application, he just needs to change its IP address to yours and everything is good to go.

However, you need to set the right password for every database and there can be no random passwords at all. Here comes the advantage of having multiple instances to avoid any kind of data breach. Furthermore, Dedicated servers come with lots of free resources like disk space, bandwidth. If these are not enough for you. Then you can buy some additional hardware to extend your capacity.

What disadvantages of Dedicated hosting?(shared server vs dedicated server)

Price: On top of the amount, if we compare Dedicated hosting to ordinary hosting, then Dedicated hosting costs much more than anyone is expecting to. For instance, My dedicated servers costs $8/hr whereas, average Dedicated servers costs around $5/hr, who will still not think twice to invest into dedicated hosting. Even, Dedicated hosting comes with less memory space, it doesn’s worth considering Dedicated hosting after that.

More technical support: Dedicated hosters have full support. However, sometimes, when the problem occurs, they don’t come out of nowhere and you have to wait till your query comes and nothing works. To avoid this, sometimes, you have to purchase more RAM and more disk space for your Dedicated Server.

In comparison to Shared hosting, Dedicated hosting is still quite complex and a bit overwhelming when it comes to understand all your configuration. Especially when you are starting a new project and you don’t have basic knowledge of how to use. Not saying all shared hosting companies will give you 100% support and that’s why I prefer using Dedicates over Shared.

How Does Dedicated Server Work?

In order to manage your Dedicated Server, you need to register them in the cloud provider and give them permission to create virtual machines on your machine. After registering those virtual machines. Next, You need to enable SSH so that you can access your virtual machine. Once, you are ready.

At that time, you can start creating Virtual Machines by changing the VMWare name and using appropriate number of cores. Once again, it will be able to manage your Dedicated Server without any hassle.

What Are the Advantages of Dedicated Server?

There are a few important benefits of Dedicated servers are listed below:

1. Security: Although it is not secured, it is highly recommended to manage your Dedicated server with proper security. This includes VPN to keep it secure & secure browser to protect it against any sort of threats. Moreover, you can also check your Dedicated environment regularly to see whether anything went wrong.

2. Performance: Since the CPU (CPU) needs to work faster, then you need to manage your Dedicated Server carefully. Just because it’s dedicated, it gives high performance. There are many programs that you can use for managing it easily. Moreover, its a great excuse to save lots of money.

3. Scalability: With Dedicated servers, it is possible to scale any size within a reasonable budget. By dividing our main machine to 3 different physical devices in our computer. We can utilize three instances according to the need.

4. Migrations: If you want to shift your entire system over to multi-GPUs, you can do it easily. Yes, it’s not very hard to do that. You can buy another hardware which might have two GPUs instead of single GPU if you want to do so.

5. Backup: You need just a couple of business days to restore your Dedicated server. One day is enough, right? That means, whenever you want to do any changes, you don’t need to worry about making a huge mistake. You can change your old settings very quickly without worrying about downtime.


Is dedicated server faster than shared?

Even when there is a lot of traffic, dedicated servers offer quick load times. Your website receives 100% of the processing power because their resources are not shared.

What is share server?

Shared Hosting- It is one service where users share same physical resources to their visitors but their own servers. This is the most commonly used form of hosted file storage for websites

Who needs a dedicated server?

Midsize to large businesses having data management staff. You need a dedicated server if your company does hundreds of e-commerce transactions each hour, has extensive inventory and supply chain infrastructure.

Is shared hosting worth it?

Smaller websites, such as new blogs and small enterprises, might use the shared web hosting option. Shared hosting would be useless if each site exceeded its allotted amount of space. But because so few people actually do, everything turns out well for everyone. Hosting firms make a significant profit while providing users with a really good bargain.



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