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Sanjay National Park

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Sanjay Dubri National Park is another untamed life heaven situated in Kusumi and Majhauli district of the Sidhi locale of focal Indian state Madhya Pradesh. The whole stop is comprise with Sanjay National Park, covers around 466.7 sq kms region, while Dubri is an untamed life haven covers a range of 370 sq km, both covers more than 835 sq kms territory of the recreation centre.

The recreation centre built up in 1975 under natural life assurance demonstration of 1972; topographically components are plain, hills, slopes, steep bluffs, water bodies, valleys, profound canyons, while elevation ranges from 200-500m. This is fundamentally a wet deciduous woods comprising for the most part of sal (Shorea robusta).

The timberland region of Sanjay Dubri is a primary wild passageway uniting Bandhavgarh National Park’s natural life at north and Palamau Tiger Reserve’s untamed life, yet at the same time there is strict need to guarantee the tranquil travel of wild creatures and protection of interfacing woods.

Master Ghasidas National Park, which falls in Chhattisgarh State range, imparts its woodland to Sanjay National Park on its northern limit with Madhya Pradesh. Prior to the bifurcation of Madhya Pradesh the whole range of Guru Ghasidas National Park were uniting with Sanjay National park.

The recreation centre lies in Sidhi locale of Central Indian State, Madhya Pradesh. Sidhi speaks the truth 70 km a long way from the recreation centre, which is fundamentally a city of Madhya Pradesh that has a wide availability in all method for transport.

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