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Saddle Peak National Park

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Saddle Peak National Park is situated in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It spreads in a scope of 33 square miles (85 km2).

This national park is geologically found north east of Port Blair city in Andaman archipelago. This national park was named after Saddle Peak, the most noteworthy point in the North Andaman Island.

Stature of the Saddle Peak in Diglipur stretches out to 732 meters (2401 feet) above mean ocean level. This national park is secured by rich lavish green and thick tropical downpour backwoods. The timberland vegetation spread in this park is portrayed by sticky, warm and wet tropical atmosphere. The Saddle Peak National Park covers a zone of 85.47 sq km (33 sq miles) in the North Andaman Island.

Saddle Peak National park occurred in Andaman district in 1979, compasses a territory of It is at an expanse of 5km from Diglipur the adjacent urban and 200km from Port Blair, which are the nearest air terminal and the capital of Andaman and Nicobar Islands as well.

The isles’ forest is encased by prospering and rich green and dense stifling precipitation wildernesses.

The greenery is categorized through moist, warm and misty steamy weather. The untamed life of this estate includes Andaman wild pig, water spectator reptile, and Saline water crocodile. The main birdies are Andaman hummock mynah and majestic pigeon.

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