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Rajgir Buddhist Pilgrimage

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Located at a distance of approximately 14 KM away from Nalanda in the Indian state of Bihar, Rajgir is one of the most popular pilgrim places in the country, known for its multidimensional religious significance among devotees in India. From the historic point of view, it holds primary significance for the very fact that during the lifetime of Lord Buddha, when Patliputra was yet to be formed; it used to be the capital city of the whole Magadha Empire.

From the point of view of appearance, Rajgir is beautifully enveloped in the embrace of five holy hills that magnify its scenic beauty all the more. From religious perspective, the place holds invaluable importance for both the Buddhists as well as the Jains. In Buddhism, Rajgir holds a lot of prominence since Lord Buddha resided here for a long time, and served two of his most important sermons here. On the other hand, the founder of Jainism—Lord Mahavir too stayed here for a while and a lot about it has been mentioned in India’s most popular epic—the Mahabharata.

The popular tourist spots in Rajgir include the Shanti Stupa, the Gridhakuta Hill, the Saptapami Caves, as well as the Ancient Ruins.

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