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Pandurang Vaman Kane – Bharat Ratna Adward Winner

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Born in the year 1880 in Ratnagiri, located in the Indian state of Maharashtra, Pandurang Vaman Kane was a renowned Sanskrit scholar and also an Indologist who gained immense recognition and appreciation for his scholastic contributions in the field of religion, academics and language.

It was his thorough, in-depth research that led him to pen down around 6,500 pages of the Indian Dharmasastra, after a rigorous research and study for over a period of 40 years.

His work has been applauded worldwide by a number of scholars, who regard him as a terrific source for giving birth to the encyclopedia of Dharmasastra, that help people learn about the social transitions, ancient laws and social reforms in the country of India.

The Indian government honored him with the Bharat Ratna Award in the year 1963, and apart from his contributions to Sanskrit scripts, he was also known for his magnum opus in English language. Throughout the years, he penned down his research about ancient social laws in three languages, i.e. English, Sanskrit, and his mother tongue: Marathi.

For his remarkable contributions to the field of academics and social reforms, he was also offered the post of a member of the parliament in the Rajya Sabha.

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