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Nelliteertha – Popular Hindu Pilgrim Place

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Located in the south Indian state of Karnataka, Nelliteertha is a popular Hindu pilgrim place, widely known for the famous Nelliteertha Cave Temple, a holy structure devoted to popular deity Lord Shiva. Locally, the lord here is worshipped by the name of Somanatheshwara, and the temple was actually built in an ancient era, as old as the 1487 CE.

The reason the structure is referred to as the Nelliterrtha “Cave” Temple is for the fact that towards the right hand side of the temple stands a natural cave measuring approximately 200 meters in length. The intriguing aspect about this Cave is that the entrance to it is restricted, precisely due to its compact structure at the entry point, and hence, the tourists and the pilgrims have to literally crawl on their knees to make their ways inside the structure. The other special aspects about the place include a holy lake that runs near it, and also the popular Shivalingam that resides here.

While Nelliteertha is devoted to Lord shiva, there’s a temple nearby devoted to Lord Vishnu and is known as Kompadavu, and then there’s a temple devoted to Goddess Durga nearby, at a spot called Muchur.

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