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National Girl Child Day – 24th of January

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The date 24th of January every year is observed as National Girl Child Day in India. The trend began since the year 2008 and it was introduced by the Women and Child Development Ministry of India to celebrate this day as a national observance. The purpose of this day is to throw light on a girl child’s development in the country and to support more opportunities for the girl child, against all odds. Over many years gender inequality has been a major concern in the country wherein many girls have been denied the joy of several human rights, in context of education, liberty, medical care, honor, nutrition, etc. In fact a lot of times they have been subjected to child marriage, which have hugely and negatively impacted their health as well as modesty. Thus, the purpose of this day is function against these odds and help a girl child flourish better.

The Women and Child Development Ministry of India introduced the ‘Dhanalakshmi Scheme’ in this regard to facilitate cash transfer to the family of girl child to assist them in basic needs of bringing up a girl child, such as birth registration, immunization, school enrollment and their maintenance till they reach Grade VIII. The theory that if you educate a girl, you educate your country is highly endorsed through this program, and on this day a list of government sponsored radio ads, print and TV ads are circulated to increase awareness of the necessity of promoting girl’s development in India, in the form of education, opportunities, health, etc.

Various campaigns too are conducted for the same and a list of prominent political, social, and community leaders give speeches on the achievements made by women in the country and how many more doors of opportunities are open for growing girl children in India and how it is going to benefit the country in the long run.

Many NGOs too come together in this regard to fight against the injustice and social stigma about girl child in the country and the slogan ‘’Save the Girl Child’’ too is heavily promoted throughout the country.

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