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Making Your Baby Look Fair Naturally

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Healthy and beautiful baby is always a welcome note for parents because it keeps them cherished. But, not all babies are born with fair complexion. There is nothing to be worried as natural eating habits and using home-made products can be really beneficial for the child. Indeed, complexions have always been related to constant remarks that might not turn to be favorable. This is the reason that parents are always on a lookout for natural remedies that can make their child skin fair without hampering its softness.

  1. Fruit Juices:

Feeding on fruit juices to babies are recommended because it has the tendency to cleanse epidermis and even make their skin smoother. Well, the natural fruit extracts from orange, apple and grapes are effective in better the skin complexion of babies over 6 months. It is better not to give juices to new born kids.

  1. Gram Flour Paste:

An important source of improvising on the complexion of children, gram flour paste should be made from raw milk, fresh cream, turmeric, and gram flour. The paste should be applied softly to the baby’s skin and left for 15 minutes. After a couple of minutes, dampened cotton should be taken to clean the paste.

  1. Milk Packs:

When it comes to clearing the skin tone of children, milk packs are surely to work wonders. Raw milk packs with sandalwood and saffron is quite a wonderful option because of its softness. The pack should be applied for about 10 to 15 minutes and wiped with soft damp cloth piece.

  1. Warm Oil Massage:

In terms of beautifying the looks of a child, giving warm oil massage is ideally accepted method. Here, almond oil, coconut oil and olive oil are highly recommended. In order to get much better results adding essential oils will give an extra layer of moisture to the skin.

  1. Baby Scrubs:

Scrubs meant for babies are meant to exfoliate dry skin cells and keep their skin fairer. Though, there are such scrubs available in the market; it is better to have home-made baby scrubs. For this, mix chickpea powder, raw milk, rose water and baby oil. Apply the scrub softly over baby’s skin and rub it off gently after 20 minutes for a wonderful glow.

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