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Lung Cancer: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

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Lung cancer as the name suggests, is the abnormal cells division happening extensively in the lungs, since lungs are a place in the human body where metastasis can take place. In simple words, metastasis is the spreading of a malignant tumor, which is cancerous, targeting specific locations in the body, developing into a form of cancer. As on today, lung cancer is the most common type of cancer among the list of other cancers, which kills majority of the men and women in the world.

Lung cancer is one of the most difficult cancers to treat and is extremely life-threatening from its early stages itself since the metastasis happens rapidly in here and the cancer spreads quite faster than usual. This form of cancer can also spread easily in many other parts of the body, but significantly common ones from the lot are: bones, adrenal glands, liver, as well as the brain.

There are two types of lung cancer, first of which is SCLC—Small Cell Lung Cancers, and second is NSCLC—Non-Small Cell Lung Cancers. The two types are demarcated by the pattern with which they grow and spread in human body.

While the causes of lung cancer are many, the most primitive of them all is smoking, which increases one’s chance of developing lung cancer exponentially. In fact, even if one doesn’t smoke but is continuously a part of passive tobacco smoking, his or her chances of developing lung cancer too are quite high.

Some of the early symptoms of lung cancer are: Frequent coughing despite not feeling much cold, change in cough patterns and also the spitting blood along with cough; noticeable changes in breathing patterns, wherein one may often face short breaths and difficulty to breathe or feel the lack of oxygen despite being in a completely normal area, frequent chest pains, sudden weight loss, and also wheezing with the development of a hoarse voice. Other than these one may also feel frequent bones ache and headaches.

Diagnosing lung cancer till today remains a very tough deal since most of the lung cancer cases are discovered only at advanced stages. However, the doctor may recommend surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation to treat the cancer depending on one’s quality of life, stage of cancer, as well as its grade.

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