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Let’s debunk some myths about vaccinations

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Vaccines are responsible for preventing close to 2.5 million deaths per year. A vaccine (especially meant for children) can have amplified effects if it is given in conjunction with vitamins, antibiotics, and the like. However, the poor knowledge of many has contributed in mushrooming of some myths about vaccination. Let us clear the air.

Myth 1 – Excellent sanitation and hygiene can make the disease go away. Vaccines are not necessary

Fact – The diseases against which we can vaccinate will resurface if the vaccination programs are done away with. Maintaining hygiene and cleanliness by regular hand washing and bathing minimizes the spread of infections; however, some infections can spread regardless of the hygiene levels retained.  If several common vaccination programs such as that for measles and polio are discontinued, then it will not take long for some fresh cases to appear.

Myth 2 – Vaccination can be fatal. The vaccines have several long-term side effects and damages that are unknown.

Fact – How can the savior cause injury? Most available vaccines are temporary or minor such as that for fever or sore arm. The probability of getting injured through a vaccinums is less than that of vaccine-preventable disease.

Myth 3 – The combination of vaccines used against spreading of viruses such as pertussis, tetanus and diphtheria (also vaccination against poliomyelitis) can cause unexpected infant death.

 Fact – These is no connection between the quick death of infants and administration of vaccinum; although, it can be a possibility that the sudden death is caused by Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).  Also, SIDS has occurred during a time when no vaccinations are given. It is vital to note that diseases such as pertussis, tetanus, diphtheria as well as poliomyelitis are severe, and the child should get vaccinated against the same.

Myth 4 – If the vaccine-preventable diseases are completely eradicated, then it is unnecessary to get vaccinated against them.

Fact – A disease can never be eradicated, it can be prevented. A vaccine-preventable disease’s instances may have reduced as everyone is vaccinated; however, if adequate vaccination has not been taken on time, then the disease-causing agents will reappear. The agents – once reappeared – can spread to different countries in no time. Every productive society depends on successful vaccination programs.

Myth 5 –Children must not be given more than two vaccines at a time as the vaccinations will overload their immune system and lead to debilitating effects.

Fact – There are many scientific evidences to prove that more than two vaccinums, if administered on a child, will have no harmful side effects. Giving multiple counteragents to a child can lead to fewer clinic visits, saving money as well as time and completion of vaccine schedule on time. Further, whenever the situation allows, the child should be given a combined vaccination for rubella, measles and mumps.

The healthcare research India has helped in the production of different vaccines in India that have averted several dangerous diseases. Many global vaccines laboratories are dedicated to find valuable, cost-effective vaccinums for several ills besieging the society.

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