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Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan – Freedom Fighter of India

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Born on the 6th of February in the year 1890, Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan was a renowned independence activist, for the Pashtuns and was fondly nicknamed as “Bacha Khan.” He was deeply religious and many of his activist ventures involved spiritual and religious inclinations, and he had a nonviolent approach towards everything, including his opposition against the British Empire.

Throughout his life, he was extremely close to Mahatma Gandhi, and people even referred to him as “Frontier Gandhi” during the British tenure. In the year 1929, he launched the Servants of God movement, which garnered a lot of troubles for him from the British government, leading him to undergo a lot of repression during his independence movement activities.

He was a prominent and well appreciated senior member of the Indian National Congress party and retained his interests with the sole purpose to serve the god and the nation, without accepting any supreme powers in the party despite being offered so.

He passed away on the 20th of January, in the year 1988 at the age of 97, in Peshawar.

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