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The Indian media has a history as interesting as ever. Being a country from where the world’s first newspaper, named The Bengal Gazette by James Augustus Hicky originated, India has seen a spectacular list of writers, journalists and orators who have strived to bring out the truth in front of the world.

From The Calcutta Advertiser by Buckingham that was launched after The Bengal Gazette, to the coming of a new age of government owned Prasar Bharati for broadcast news, the Indian media has transitioned rapidly and radically to finally come to the shape that it boasts of today.

With a huge number of public as well as private news channels, magazines, newspapers and websites, the Indian media pays utmost emphasis to monitor the important events, both nationally and internationally and bring it out in the open to provide the general public with as much information as possible.

At Indian GK, we aim at giving our readers an insight into the latest developments in the world through news stories as well as features.

Stay tuned for updates on information related to politics, sports, health, entertainment and business.

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