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IMPORTANT! New Deadlines are Here— Aug. 5 For Tax Returns, Aug. 31 For Aadhaar-PAN Linking

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If you have not done the needful mentioned in the title of this article, then you have been given some extension to buck up and do it right away! August 5, that is, this Saturday is now the last date for you to file for income tax return, for the financial year 2016-2017, the original deadline for which was July 31, that is, Monday. On the other hand, the last date for linking your PAN card with your Aadhar Card has now been extended till the 31st of August, that is Thursday.

The government of India had published in all national daily newspapers the deadline of filing income tax returns ‘’correctly’’ and each and every individual whose gross annual income fall under taxable limits must be filing for their income tax return. Earlier, all the newspapers had highlighted July 31st as the deadline for this, but now with the latest extension given by the government, it is expected that the masses will be notified about the same. Till now over 2 crore income tax returns have been filed through electronic medium, that is, through e-filing.

The reason for the government extending the income tax return filing deadline, as per a government official is that in the last couple of days, due to too much traffic the server of the income tax return filing website, suffered an overload, due to which it malfunctioned and a lot of people were unable to e-file their income tax return. On the other hand, the government has also mandated the linking of PAN card with Aadhar Card for income tax return filing, starting from July 1.

The government’s new deadline for PAN-Aadhar linking as mentioned before is August 31, however, the processing of income tax return for people who have or are filing it now will only be done once their PAN and Aadhar have been successfully linked.

You can link your PAN and Aadhar online from the website:

So if you haven’t done any of these two important tasks, do it right away and save yourself from a lot of trouble that can surface later.

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