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Get rid of belly fat by using exercise equipment

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Most people nurse a notion that exercising upon ab bench can really help in getting rid of the ugly belly fat. It is time to disabuse the notion. The only way to lose belly fat is by doing a lot of cardiovascular or cardio exercises. A simple fact is: Regular cardio sessions help burn a lot of calories at a fast clip.

A 1-hr session of intense cardio can help burn a lot of calories, including those nasty ones that are housed in your belly. The intensity of every cardio workout should be kept from high to moderate. A person wanting to get rid of belly fat should target to lose two pounds every week. A quality exercise equipment can assist you lose the obstinate belly fat without further ado. Read further to know more…

Treadmill workouts

Running upon treadmills helps in burning a lot of calories. Further, exercising upon treadmills is more effective than general walking. According to a research, a 155-pound individual can burn close to 372 calories after doing 30 minutes of cardio (running or brisk walking) upon a treadmill. Working on treadmills and lifting light weights can result in having an athletic body.  During such a 30-minute cardio session upon the equipment, the individual’s speed must be 10 km (6 miles) per hour. If you work out faster than the mentioned speed, then the weight loss will be intense and quick.

Stationery bikes

The best calorie burning equipment has to be stationery bikes. Such equipment helps you lose belly fat rapidly. However, you have to be regular with your cardio sessions upon the stationery bicycles.  As per a research, an individual 155-pound can easily lose up to 391 calories – that is a humongous figure! The exercising machine is apt for those who are overweight or have chronic joint problems. Group cycling is emerging as one of the most favored workout sessions. In the session, an array of stationery cycles is placed cheek by jowl and individuals cycle all together.  Every group cycling session lasts up to 40-50 minutes and is carried out under the guidance of a certified instructor.

Elliptical trainer

Every gym (big or small) has an array of elliptical trainers. The body motion of an individual upon elliptical trainer is similar to that made while running or jogging. The machine is the best for those who are suffering from joint problems. An individual weighing 155 pounds can lose close 335 calories if s/he works out on an elliptical trainer for 30 minutes. If the exerciser has different attachments for doing arm and leg workouts, then belly weight loss will be quicker than ever. While exercising on the equipment, you can adjust speed as well as incline to make workouts more challenging and exciting.

If wanting to lose belly fat and have a toned body, then you should do cardio workouts mixed with a few light weight lifting exercises. You can now buy lightweight dumbbells online that you can lift periodically after cardio workout sessions.

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