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No sooner than one qualifies for a professional career after bagging an academic degree or a diploma and if not, even a vocational certificate on completion of recognised courses, the hunt for a lucrative job begins. The aspirants aspire to take up lucrative jobs abroad. A few enterprising scholarly among these may even look out for gateways that would provide a scope for ‘Éarn while you Learn’ or ‘Learn while you Earn’. It is at such junctures, the need for a virtual recruitment consultant arises lest the eager youth with high hopes fall prey to false promises and end up in becoming a persona non grata on a foreign soil.

Such apprehensions are voiced since there have been certain cases of agencies engaged in rendering these services failing to frutify the assurances. Hence it is a must to ascertain the credibility of the placement bureau, be it in India or any other country and rely upon this reliable entity for the dreams of the job hunters to come true.

In fact, agencies with endorsed credentials literally offer virtual recruitment support to not only the job seeker but also to the employer, be it an individual or a corporate establishment from the industry and trade. Literally, they play the role of a management consultant in tapping the right placement for a jobseeker and the most competent talent for the recruiting management. Such effective results have been enabled due to the rich data bank which they maintain with regular updates and also conduct periodical survey on the employment front.

For instance, there is a consultant that has set up a virtual global network in providing a wide range of career related services. With its corporate motto that reads ‘Astute-Nurturing-Sincere’, this company has been highly successful in finding and selecting suitable candidates for the most of complex of tasks for clients Down Under and also in other parts of the world including developed countries like Canada and the US. As the live medium in ensuring not a square but a perfectly round peg in a round hole, it has played a crucial part in the functioning of the employers’ establishments.

The master stroke of its strategy has been in reviewing job descriptions vis-à-vis the needs of the hiring employer through pro-active interaction that helps in identifying the most perfect candidate for the job, irrespective of the number of vacancy slots. Armed with these aspects, as per the respective post, the exercise of selection begins with stress on –

  • Understanding technology, technical roles and technical skills or managerial and conceptual talents including leadership qualities
  • Identifying apt candidates by sourcing and uncovering them from various sources
  • Screen candidates thoroughly to ascertain their competence in the context of assigned jobs and assorted tasks
  • Telephonic interview with candidates to assess their qualifications and odd traits

Once the above formalities are completed, a formal interview in the form of candid interaction for both the recruiter and the candidate(s) is scheduled and confirmed too. So much so, this consultancy firm attributes the success of this modus-operandi to its other downstream links of agencies operating in its professionally managed network.

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