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Esha Gupta Redefines the Term ‘Hot,’ Shows Her Butt in Latest Picture

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If you had thought Bollywood actress Esha Gupta would stop after posing for some of the sexiest stills in the past week, you were wrong! And with the latest picture of the actress where she is stunningly flaunting her butt, it wouldn’t be surprising if people claimed the primal reason for global warming can be accredited to the pretty actress, who has surely got the temperatures rising, in the new still that she posted from her latest photo shoot, on her official Instagram account.

The actress took a bold step by posting the below image on her Instagram page, showing off her butt in style, conveying it to one and all that she doesn’t care what and how the world is going to judge her. Alongside the gorgeous picture, what’s also interesting is the caption she has composed for it, which goes: ‘’Why stop now!’’ Well, that’s quite a statement you made there, Esha! And we are totally impressed!

Esha Gupta
Source: @egupta

The second picture that she posted from the same shoot, had the caption: ‘’Life’s too short, laugh it out.’’ Well, we totally cannot agree more!

Esha Gupta
Source: @egupta

In the picture, Esha is seen only wearing a pair of black sheer stockings, while flaunting her butt as she laughs off. No wonder, her fans and admirers just can’t get their eyes off the pictures! Esha also happens to be the first Bollywood actress ever who has gone on to do such a bold photo shoot, with butt naked poses. You go girl!

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