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Education in India is a sector managed and administered by the central, state as well as the local government. Over the years, many changes have been made in this field and are still being made currently to make it easier for the people seeking education to strive well and achieve their goals.

According to the fundamental Right to Education, the country provides free and compulsory education to every kid between the ages of six to 14. Much of India’s current progress in economy is credited to the initiatives taken by the government to make the education system better and increase the literacy rates of the country.

The education system in India provides a huge array of choices to opt from for a variety of careers that students are interested in, be it engineering, medical science, management, accounting, arts, media or entertainment.

To order to make sure that each individual gets their share of opportunity to exercise their fundamental right to learn and be educated, the government has also made some reservations for the underprivileged classes like the scheduled castes, scheduled tribes and other backward classes.

The sector is constantly evolving and India has till date manage to contribute extensively to the world development with a number of scientists, engineers, astronomers, economists, educationists, philosophers and writers making it big in the global platforms.

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