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Drinking too much Water isn’t Always Good for Health

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Water is considered to be one of the best gifts of Mother Nature. It has always been said that drinking water regulates a healthy body system and ensures good metabolism. However, you will be surprised to know that excess consumption of water can lead to ill-effects too. Thus it is advisable to keep water intake under proper check. Hyponatremia or water intoxication is one of the worst effects of drinking more water than needed. Read the below- mentioned details to get a fair idea of what is water intoxication:

Water Intoxication:  The right proportion of water is very important for a healthy functioning of the human body. It helps to get rid of toxins, heals constipation and keeps the body fit and healthy by keeping it hydrated. However, over-hydration or excess consumption of water can be a cause for concern. It leads to water intoxication, which happens when the salts of the body get diluted, due to excess water in the body. It hampers the electrolytes levels and under worst scenarios, the sodium level of the body becomes alarmingly low.

Results of water intoxication:

  • Leads to heart problems: Drinking more water than needed increases the volume of blood in the body. The increased volume of blood can, in turn, create pressure on the blood vessels, which further creates pressure on the heart.
  • Creates pressure on the kidney: When you drink excess water, the kidney has to over-perform its function of regulating the excess amount of water. As a result, the kidney faces more pressure than it can handle.
  • Leads to potassium depletion: Too much water messes with the important minerals of the body, potassium is one of them. A dip in the potassium level can lead to chest pain, muscle cramps, and other issues.

Water is one of the basic human needs and maintaining its intake at the right level is very important for a healthy life. You should consume water according to your body statistics and also according to the weather you live in. The color of the urine must also be observed to understand how much water is to be consumed.

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