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Chennai floods taking a toll on Chennaites, IMD predicts more rains

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By Smitakshi Guha

Major parts of Chennai have been submerged in water caused by incessant rains and floods that have affected people and property in the city as well as various other coastal areas. The navy and army came to the rescue of more than hundreds of people threatened by the floods.

The rescue teams have taken the helps of choppers and boats to help the people struck in the severely affected areas of the floods. Meanwhile, it is being said that people residing in slums are the ones who are majorly affected by the calamity.

According to reports, the Adyar River in Chennai is overflowing as a result of nonstop rains and this has extensively affected those residing in the slums on the banks of the Adyar River. Although the rescue teams managed to evacuate the area before things took a nasty turn, it is unfortunate that the slums these people were residing in have been completely destroyed due to the floods.

In fact the situation has become so dire that hospitals too have come under the vicious sphere of the ill effects of this flood. The Chennai Airport too witnessed a bitter situation when flights were suspended due to the uncontrollable downpour. Half yearly exams in schools have been postponed and schools have been closed until further notice.

On the other hand, the Indian Meteorological Department has predicted more rains in the coming four days in both the states of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi took to his Twitter handle to let everyone know that Tamil Nadu will get full cooperation and support during this trying time.



Featured image source: The Hindu

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