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Every great poet or writer on the earth is worth for recognized and respected by the people to honor their achievements. Indian Literature works are honored by Government for their literary works in any language and in any specific area of writing. Many of Books and Authors are very popular and awarded by different means with different prizes.

Writings are honorable that may include any specific area according to Mythology, Religion, Art, Literature, Music, Cuisine, Sports or any other field. The Sanskrit epics Ramayana and Mahabharata are divine and followed by people. India has twenty two official languages and appears with so many powerful writers and poets. India offer two major contemporary awards Sahitya Academy Fellowship and the Jnanpith Award.

Indian culture had great affect by Hindu literary works through Vedas and Puranas. Many Scientific and mathematical scientists offered advanced thesis on their researches and discoveries. Devotional and religious books are part of Indian lives with great affect. Geographic and social manuscripts generate views and developments according to changing eras. Entertainment and recreational write-ups attract people and joyous to engage with them.

Indian literature in foreign languages is also awarded for popular contributions. Many journalists who had their eminent service in the journalism field are also awarded with special prizes. Fellowships encourage and give support for continuing any researching in the literary field.

Indian and Foreign writers have their own image throughout the world and perform great role in society. Indian GK will provide you information, Quiz, Articles, Questions & Answers, GK related to Books & Authors.

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