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Ambubachi Mela (22nd June)

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The Ambubachi Mela is a religious Hindu festival celebrated in the popular Kamakhya Temple in the capital city of the northeastern state of Assam: Guwahati. The festival is the main event in the Kamakhya Temple here. According to the Assamese calendar, this festival takes place right after monsoon begins, in the month of Ahaar. The festival actually marks the celebration of the annual menstrual cycle of Goddess Kamakhya at the Kamakya Temple. It is believed that it is only this time span that her yearly menstrual cycle takes place and it is also during these monsoon rains that the nurturing power of Mother Earth is available for all devotees to see, during the celebration of this festival called Ambubachi Mela. There is actually no deity that is worshipped in the temple during this mela, however, people worship the stone that looks like a yoni, over which a small spring flows.

At the time of this mela which lasts for around three days, the Kamakhya Temple is closed, as the normal belief of menstrual cycle of women is followed during this time, wherein it is believed that Mother Earth becomes unclean, and so during this period, devotees are not allowed to read any holy books, perform any puja, or cook any food at home. Even farming is not performed. It is only at the end of three days that Goddess Kamakhya is bathed and then all rituals begin to take place just like before, as it is believed that the purity of the goddess is restored and hence, the doors of the temple are again reopened, and people come forth to pay their tribute and also offer prayers.

This year the Ambubachi Mela will begin on the 22nd of June 2017 and will go on for three days till 24th of June 2017.

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