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About ZIOX – Mobile Company in India

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Founded recently in the year 2015, Ziox Mobiles is a part of Sun Air Voice Private Limited, and is currently one of the emerging mobile brands that follow the ‘’Make in India’’ element, and aims to provide consumers with affordable mobile handsets without any quality compromises. The company has its headquarters located in the capital city of India, New Delhi. So far, the brand has managed to create an impressive hive of network, distribution channels as well as system integrators all across the country.

Ziox has a list of feature phones and smartphones to its credit up till now. While it has manufactured over 20 feature phones till now, the total number of smartphones by the brand is five till now. All the devices do no exceed the price range of 5,000 INR, keeping the ‘’affordable’’ tag of every product intact for lower-income and average-income set of consumers.

Some of Ziox’s most popular smartphones include models like the Ziox Astra NXT, the Ziox Astra NXT+, the Ziox Astra Zing+, as well as the Ziox Astra Prism, all of which are powered by Android OS from Google, with the latest 6.0 Marshmallow version. Some of the popular feature phones from Ziox are Starz Edge, ZX 18, etc.

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