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About Trio – Mobile Company in India

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A popular and rising mobile brand under parent company Mak Mobility Private Limited, which is focused on catering the demands of producing devices, solutions and distributions in the mobility arena, Trio has its origins from India, and has its headquarters located in the capital city of India, that is New Delhi. Currently, it addresses the mobility space in the ASEAN regions other than India, which are the south-east Asian countries of Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Brunei, as well as Cambodia. Over the years, Mak Mobility Pvt. Ltd. has also managed to build a strong trade relation with China’s trade and manufacturing ecosystem.

So far, Trio has successfully focused on developing and distributing domestic mobile handsets at affordable prices targeted at the Asia Pacific region. Currently, the brand’s product line offerings include feature phones, smartphones, tablets, as well as PDA/touch phones, both in bar and touch forms. The price range of these handsets vary from low to high, to cater to the needs of consumers from all income groups. Trio has R&D units set up both in India as well as China and in India has over 5000 retailers to address the needs and provide services to consumers.

Some of the most popular smartphones in recent times from Trio include models like the Trio Selfie II, the Trio Selfie III, the Trio T 40 q, etc. among others.

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