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Abdul Ghaffar Khan – Bharat Ratna Award Winner

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Born on the 6th of February in the year 1890, Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan was a renowned independence activist, who religiously opposed the rule of the British. He believed in the non violent approach in achieving things and became a famous political and spiritual leader.

A devout Muslim at heart, he was significant in opposing the demands made by the All India Muslims’ League, for the partition of India and was deeply disheartened when the then ruling party Indian National Congress, approved the division of India. He was nicknamed “Bacha Khan” a name which he was commonly referred to as.

From the very young years of his life, Khan was keen on spiritual activities and just at the age of 20, he established a mosque school. Although the British banned his school in the later years, he was determined to bring necessary social reforms and this led him to form the Afghan Reform Society.

The international airport at Peshawar is named “Bacha Khan International Airport” as a tribute to Khan. The government of India honored him with the Bharat Ratna Award in the year 1987.

He passed away on the 20th of January in 1988, at the age of 97.

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