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Aadi Pooram (26th of July)

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Also known by the name of Aandal Jayanti, Aadi Pooram is a popular Hindu festival celebrated mainly by the Tamilians. This year in 2017, it will be celebrated on the 26th of July. The festival is dedicated to Goddess Aandal, who is an incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi. As the name of the festival suggests, the festival is celebrated in the Tamil month of ‘’Aadi’’ every year, which as per the English calendar falls either in the month of July or August. It is a festival celebrated with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm throughout India, especially those areas where Tamil communities reside. It is mainly regarded as the birthday of Goddess Aandal, and in many theories, is also regarded as a day dedicated to Goddess Shakti, wherein the goddess herself comes to Earth, to bless all her devotees with happiness and prosperity. Thus, on this day, all her devotees offer prayers, do Puja, to pay tribute to the goddess, in order to be blessed with a trouble free life.

Since Goddess Lakshmi was devoted to Lord Ranganatha, that is Lord Vishnu, on the day of the festival of Aadi Pooram, even Vishnu temples are full of celebrations at a grand scale, especially in all those temples dedicated to Lord Vishnu, which are located in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Aadi Pooram is also observed as Valaikappu, in all the Saiva temples. During the Puja, the goddess is offered with glass bangles, which later are distributed among all the devotees present in the temple. It is believed according to legend, that these glass bangles are holy accessories of Goddess Andal, and the couples blessed with these bangles would be blessed with offspring soon in their lives. In fact, it is also believed that when these bangles are worn by any pregnant women, they shield their unborn child from all evil forces so that the little ones come into this world healthy and hearty.

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