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7 reasons why you should laugh more often

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By Smitakshi Guha

Laughter can really be a remedy for many aspects—from breaking an awkward silence to having a fun filled satisfaction of laughing out loud and bringing people closer; it is that simple gesture of being a human that wins people’s hearts instantaneously, more than anything else. Additionally, laughing also brings you a list of health benefits that help in building your mental as well as physical well being.

  1. It lowers your blood pressure

Laughing reduces your blood pressure, which indicates lowered chances of strokes and cardiac arrests.


  1. Lowers the secretion of stress hormones in body

Low levels of cortisol—the stress hormone in the body would mean lesser chances of anxiety and hypertension, which in return also boosts your immune system, guarding you from a list of health hiccups.


  1. Makes a great workout for toned abs

Laughter lets your stomach to go for constant expansion and contraction, quite the same way it happens when you go for voluntary abs toning workout sessions.


  1. It improves your heart health

Laughing regularly makes a perfect cardio workout therapy, that lets your heart pump and stay healthy, keeping its pace normal and also burning those unwanted calories at the same time.

source: sodahead
source: sodahead
  1. Trigger T cells

T cells are those immunity cells in your body that need to be activated in order for them to fight away sicknesses and health complications. Laughter activates these T cells and helps in strengthening your body’s immunity.


  1. Boosts the secretion of endorphins

The natural pain killers of human body—endorphins are triggered with laughter, and this helps in easing out any kind of chronic pain in the body that can result from different types of ailments.


  1. Keeps you and people around you positive

As they say, “laughter is the best medicine,” it imbibes positivity in the atmosphere, within you and people around you and gives everyone a general sense of being, that gives tremendous strength to fight against everyday stress and anxiety.


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