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4 ways to deal with kids who are fussy eaters

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Smitakshi Guha

So parenting wasn’t meant to be easy after all!

From the academics of your kids to their personality development—you thought the nightmare revolved only around these aspects, when another shocker grabbed your attention. The picky eating habits! It is no surprise that most of the kids are often very picky about their food, and this rids them off completely from the nutritional sector, wherein it is extremely crucial that they eat healthy and have a positive lifestyle in order to cope with everyday stuff that includes their studies, sports, as well as other routine stuff.

Here are some quick tips for parents to deal with their little fussy eaters—

  1. Mix and match

It is important that you take the first step towards making your child eat healthy. It is going to be difficult but isn’t impossible. If you want your kid to have milk, try mixing it with chocolate syrup that he already likes. Similarly, pair up his favorite pancake with a glass of fruit juice.

  1. Avoid buying unhealthy foods

Abide by the popular saying, out of sight, out of mind. If your child doesn’t come to know of unhealthy foods, he wouldn’t develop a habit of consuming it. It becomes difficult to let go of a habit, rather an addiction, when it comes to junk and unhealthy food, especially when it’s kids we are talking about! Hence in this case, ignorance is bliss!

  1. Stick to the rule of having your kids clean their plates

It is a chore that is not just good manners but also helps prevent overeating among children. Since your kids will know that every time they eat, they would have to clean up their plates, they won’t go for mindless eating and thus, not consume too much calories.

  1. Don’t completely chalk out fancy foods

A little give and take policy is doable when it comes to dealing with fussy eaters. A scoop of ice cream or other fancy eatables like a chocolate bar or oreo biscuits shall work fine when you are bargaining about kids eating healthy meals like green vegetables and fruits.

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