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4 lifestyle changes to deal with migraine headaches

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By Smitakshi Guha

Headaches are always a nasty thing to deal with. The impact doubles, when you end up with a bad tag called migraine. Although the condition doesn’t have a concrete cure as such, some important lifestyle changes can prove to be significant and help you combat the grave affect it has on you.

Let’s get started:

  1. Stop taking too many meds

It has been proven with enormous studies that your habit of taking medicines to cure a migraine headache will only prove to be futile in the long run, since this habit will give you a rebound headache, that is, it will make the headache come back as soon as the drug’s affect is over, doing you more harm than the natural migraine headache per se. Hence, try to avoid the over the counter anti-headache medicines and go for something that’s more natural and organic.

  1. Avoid migraine attacks triggering foods

Clinically proven, cheese, avocado, chocolate, red wine, caffeine, egg whites as well as corns are some of the hazardous foods when it comes to migraine victims. These are known to be default triggers of a migraine attack and while the impact is bound to vary from person to person, these still form a generic list of foods to avoid if you want to prevent yourself from that nasty headache.

  1. Say a blatant NO to stress

While stress is an obvious imposter for every soul out there, but for people with migraine, the size of the NO reads even bigger. Try activities that can lower your stress and avoid too much involvement into gadgets that take away a lot of your time and attention, affecting your sight as well as brain that can trigger a migraine attack.

  1. Get an appointment with a dentist

You may not know this but many migraine attacks are triggered by some overlooked jaw problems, and perhaps that’s the reason that during that bad headache, you feel the pain spreading till your jaw line. The best thing to do is, visit a dentist and ensure that you don’t have any underlying jaw issues that’s contributing to your migraine.

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