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3 reasons why sex is not the only way to move on after a heart break

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A breakup brings with it a list of situations and problems that one would never want to deal with throughout their lifetime! While some find their remedy in doing creative things like indulging in activities like learning a sport, a dance form or simply changing their lifestyles, many tend to opt for a rather easy but dicey way out of the breakup mess. Casual sex!

Indulging in sex with random people without really knowing them, a situation most commonly referred to as the “no strings attached” (thanks to Hollywood!) may seem like a cool thing to do, but in reality, it can only end up doing more damage than good to you. Here’s why—

The feeling of satisfaction is only temporary

Temporary satisfaction can never lead to permanent happiness. While you may feel gratified in the surge of the moments out of pleasure, your heart knows it well that in the long run, it is not going to feel like a sensible thing to do. In fact, in many cases people who have taken shelter in having casual sex just to move on from a break up, have felt more tormented in their later stages of life, rather than feeling any stronger or better.

The absence of love makes any relationship insipid

Physical compatibility and sex are no doubt crucial elements in a relationship and have most definitely a vital role to play in how your relationship progresses. However, these things are not the only things that matter as after a point they only become senseless making a bond insipid, if there’s an absence of love and emotions. Sex is surely something that keeps your mind and body going from the pleasure aspect, but if love and care are lacking in the ingredients of your recipe called life, then it is not really going to keep you feel happy for long.

Sex without love is not so happening after a while

While many believe in the fun of one night stands, it has been proven with literal instances that the intercourse that love making is, is enjoyable and satiating to the maximum only when performed out of love. Although some may have fun with the momentary pleasures and joy of indulging in sexual activities, they only end up regretting their choices later when they lack the whole belonging of love and enjoying the act of being intimate with someone who they truly love.

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